Join the University of Chicago South Florida Board!

The Alumni Club of South Florida is seeking more Board Members.


The following Board positions are currently open:
• Secretary
• Membership Chair

• Program Chair

• 2-3 Program Coordinators 


The South Florida Alumni Club Board is a core group of volunteers leading the club. They bear the ultimate responsibility for maintaining communications with the alumni community and for providing a diverse slate of programming aimed at engaging alumni, parents, and friends from all generations, life stages, and areas of affiliation within the University. Enthusiastic leadership is a crucial ingredient to the club's success. The following responsibilities are assigned to all Board Members with the exception of the Program Coordinator position:
• Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in all monthly board meetings and calls and applicable committee meetings.
• Attend club/group programming frequently.
• Respond to club/group and staff-liaison requests and correspondence in a timely matter.



Secretary is responsible for taking and maintaining records of all Board meetings and filing copies of Board meeting minutes with the Alumni Association. Furthermore, the Secretary works with the club President to handle the logistics of all board meetings/calls including agenda, location, and announcements of upcoming meetings/calls. 


Membership Chair 

Membership Chair is in charge of volunteer recruitment and tracks Alumni engagement by working closely with Alumni Association staff and the Club President to keep up-to-date records on Alumni in the community and set Alumni community engagement targets. The Membership Chair also helps identify and invite panelists or other personnel for certain events as needed. 


Program Chair

Program Chair oversees the planning, implementation and logistics for all club events. The Program Chair works closely with the President and Program Coordinators to ensure programming is diverse, thoughtful, and organized. The Program Chair also monitors and assesses programs to determine feasibility, quality, and return on investment. Additionally, the Program Chair works with the Communications Chair on marketing via newsletters and social media posts. 


Program Coordinator

Program Coordinators will work with the President and Program Chair and are involved in planning recurring club events and/or one-time club events. Program Coordinators are expected to help plan at least 2 events per year. This position is ideal for someone who is not necessarily able to devote a large amount of time to the club continuously throughout the year but would like to volunteer and plan events during certain times of the year. The Program Coordinator is not required to attend all Board meetings/calls and events. 

Anyone interested in volunteering for a Board Member position, please complete this form by August 27, 2018.
Questions about involvement? Free free to reach out to President Jon Gutman or your UChicago staff liaison, Tanya Hickson.